Security & Surveillance


It’s sad to say, but we live in an age where the workplace is highly vulnerable to theft. No matter where one turns, the media bombards us with news about break-ins, home invasions, burglaries, vandalism and the worst hold-ups.

Maybe you or your company have even experienced the agony of being a victim of one or more of these crimes. Please don’t let this happen to you! Take control and protect your employees and possessions with, state-of-the-art Surveillance and Security hardware and software that are specifically designed to safeguard your assets.

With vigorous defense systems, Modern Technologies is able to shield your company from intrusion with “intuitive” technology that detects and neutralizes a threat before it does any damage or worse; someone gets hurt!

Here’s what we can do to avert security breaches:

  • Sound a piercing alarm
  • Capture every movement with closed circuit TV
  • Dispatch the necessary authorities (Police, Fire or Medical) to the location
  • Alert you & your smart phone to a potential problem
  • Lockdown all company entranceways
  • Flood the area with intense, bright LED light