Home Networking & Fiber

fbspdIf you are on the internet, you are using fiber for some portion of your home network connection. Both DSL and cable modern system home networks rely heavily on fiber or parts of their network, but the actual connection to your house (frequently called the ‘last-mile’) uses copper phone lines or coaxial cable lines. The bottleneck generally occurs over the last-mile.

Fiber-optic home networks have been used for decades to transmit large volumes of traffic across the country. The economics of fiber home networks have only recently allowed for connecting the fiber directly t the home, creating a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. Much of the following information comes from your municipal broadband.

As more people go online and those online use more and more bandwidth, a shared cable system will not be able to keep up. This is why communities are increasingly looking toward full fiber-to-the-home networks. These networks are the most expensive over the short term, but the safest investment in the long term.

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