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In Atlanta, the typical owner suffers a minimum loss of nearly $2,000 in stolen goods or property damage from intruders. Burglary is one of the easiest crimes to prevent. There are steps you can take to prevent break-ins at your own home.

We recommend installing security cameras at your home so, you can monitor remotely. Footage from security cameras can be used to prosecute and put criminals in jail!

CCTV Security Cameras give peace of mind and relaxation from knowing you can view your home LIVE from anywhere… at any time!

Modern Technologies delivers professional and cutting-edge technology security systems serving the state of Georgia. Unlike other alarm companies, we offer a large array of residential security products and services to meet specific requirements, budgets & functionality.

The safety of loved ones and the security of our assets is paramount. Knowing this, we offer assurance of the service and support provided by a leading local firm as well as the confidence knowing that each alarm system is specifically designed, tailored & installed for your  needs.

Our residential alarm systems come with professional UL monitoring. When your alarm system sends a signal from your home, Modern Technologies state-of-the-art monitoring service can simultaneously alert you, police, fire department and/or emergency personnel right away.

Monitoring services can include burglary, fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, power management and medical emergencies.

Having the protection you need means your family and valuables are monitored at all times. THAT is piece of mind.